Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Norwegians go to Texas

Lars and Ole get really adventurous, and go on a vacation in Texas. They walk by a store window with a sign that says, “Suits $5.00 each, Shirts $2.00 each, Trousers $2.50 a pair.”

Lars says to his pal, "Vell Ole, vont’cha luke’a’det! Ve coud buy’a hoal boonch a’dees clothes, taak'em bak tue Meen’e-so’ta, den sel'em to’ar frends, and maak’a fortune!"

Lars continues, "Now ven ve go’in dere, dont yue sae’a verd, OK? Joost let me du’tha taukeng —cos ef dey heer yeur accent, dey might tink ve're joost ignorant Norveejuns from Meen’e-so’ta! And den’dey von't vanna sell dem clothes tue os. Now den, I'll tok like I'm a reel Texan, so dey von't kno."

Lars and Ole go in, and Lars tries out his best fake Texas accent,
"Hoawdie, y'all. Vee'll taak
50 ov dem dere soots at five dolors each,
100 ov dem dere sherts at two dolors each, and
50 pairs ov dem dere trouseurs at two-fifty each.

“Vell den, Ah'll joost back up my peak-op and......"

The owner of the shop interrupts, "Ya'll a cup’la Norwegians from Minnesota, ain't you?"

"Yah Vell," says a surprised Ole, “How coud yue tell den?”

“’Cause this here’s a dry cleaners,” replied the shop owner.

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Jocelyn said...

Ah, you do live steeped in our culture!

My poor husband was lassoed into an act called Lena and Tina a few weeks ago. He still maintains I owe him for life.