Thursday, October 16, 2008

George Harrison and Monty Python

Some time after The Beatles had broken up, George Harrison (God bless him) wrote to the members of Monty Python.

George told 'the Pythons' how much he liked them, and that he was certain Monty Python was in fact "the next reincarnation of The Beatles". For those of you who weren't around at the time (early 70's), The Beatles in general and George in particular had thoroughly earned by then what would now be called the "street cred" to say things like this and be totally plausible. (And who's to say he wasn't right, anyway?)

Unfortunately, someone in the mailroom at the BBC discarded Harrison's letter, thinking it was a fake. It never got delivered.

So the guys in Monty Python didn't even know about it, … until years later when they met George, who then asked them what they thought about his letter. ("What letter?")

Imagine, getting a fan letter from one of The Beatles, and not knowing about it because someone threw it away?!!

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